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Using the Universal Search Bar
Using the Universal Search Bar

Learn how to make the most of the universal search bar to quickly navigate your Pod workspace.

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We know it can be tedious to navigate through the whole application. Clicking on 5 different tabs to access what you want is an insane waste of time. We are introducing our Universal Search Bar, in collaboration with the team at CommandBar.

With our Universal Search Bar, you can:

  • Search for a specific record

  • Navigate to a specific module of Pod

  • Open a specific document

  • Create a new record

  • Schedule a new meeting or log a new activity into your CRM

  • Log out of the solution

Pod Universal Search Bar will show you your most recent searches, recommended searches, and options to chose from when in doubt. You can access the solution simply by clicking on the bottom-right icon. You can also type Command + K or Control + K on your keyboard to have the search bar show up.

Use Pod’s Universal Search Bar

Use Pod’s Universal Search Bar

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