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Your notes include valuable information, but it's easy to get lost. We help you to make sense of them and take the right meaningful actions. Pod AI copilot analyzes the content of your notes and gives you actionable insights:

  • Summary of notes

  • Recommended next steps

  • Updated fields

  • Follow-up email

Summary of notes

Pod creates a brief summary of your note's content, highlighting the main topics discussed, decisions made, and the next steps identified.

Recommended next steps

Pod recommends a list of next steps based on the content of your notes.

You can mark these next steps as 'Done' in one click and create a new task in your Task Manager.

Updated fields

Pod will identify potential CRM fields to update based on the content of your notes. For each relevant record, your AI copilot will identify a list of fields to update and their respective values we recommend you update.

In a single click, you can apply these updates to your CRM. Cut down low-value admin work, so you can focus on selling.

Follow-up email

You shouldn't have to spend 30 minutes after every meeting to send follow-up emails to your team or prospects.

Pod AI copilot makes your life easier. In just a few seconds, you can generate an internal or external follow-up email based on the content of the notes.

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