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Learn how to save your own views in Pod's Pipeline module

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In your pipeline view, you have access to all the views pre-saved in your Salesforce. But you shouldn't have to request a report to be run every time you want to see different data.

You can create your own views in Pod, with customized columns and filters. You'll be able to create custom views for any object (i.e., opportunity, contact, lead, account).

You can manage your views and:

  • Search through all your views (Salesforce and your own Pod views)

  • Duplicate an existing view

  • Mark a view as a favorite - for easier access down the line

  • Delete a view

  • (and soon...) Share views with colleagues.

To create a new view:

  1. Open your Views list by clicking on the button at the top right of your Pipeline View

  2. Create a new view by clicking on the '+' button

  3. Type-in the name of the view and save it.

  4. Click on the Column Configuration icon and select the fields you want to see in this view

  5. Click on the Filter button to select the criteria to narrow down the data you want to see

  6. And you're done 🀩

Create as many views as you want to manage your pipeline like a champ!

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