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Deal timeline

For every deal in your pipeline, we create a deal timeline by syncing Salesforce activity information and dynamically showing Google Mail and Google Calendar data relevant to that specific opportunity.

The timeline is divided into 5 swim lanes:

  • Customer meetings

  • Emails

  • Internal Meetings

  • Phone calls

  • Deal stage

Hence, you will be able to review which activities where done between each stage of your sales funnel and track whether you are hitting important milestones.

You will currently be able to see activities one month at a time, while being able to scroll between months.

Users are able to click on any touchpoint and review the details of every activity:

  • For email: From, To, Date, Email Body, link to GMail

  • For meeting: **Date, Time, GMeet link, Phone Number, Location, Description, Participants

  • For call: Date, Time, Receiver (Name, Title, Phone number), Caller (Name, Title)

Just as presented in Calendar View, you are able to sync an activity (from Google) to Salesforce, in one click.

Access your deal timeline

Access your deal timeline

When you can’t sync an activity directly from your Google Workspace, we let you quickly sync a new activity in Pod. You’ll be able to include the following parameters:

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