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We highlight here that core product modules offered today in Pod. Navigate to the specific module page to dive deeper into what you can do.

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Why / What is Pod?

Account executives waste a ton of time jumping between tools (i.e., CRM, email, calendar, conversational intelligence, database), updating data, or chasing down information. Because of it, they can’t spend quality time selling and hence, have difficulty meeting their quota goal every quarter.

Pod is a smart productivity workspace for enterprise sales teams. Pod simplifies your day-to-day admin work so you can get back to selling and close more deals every month. We connect together all your existing tools - creating a single pane of glass for account executives - and we provide an intuitive, collaborative space to update, organize, and prioritize your work.

We've helped AEs across organizations like Thermo Fischer, CommandBar, UnitQ, Uberall, and more save 10+ hours per week on admin work and close more deals.

Why is Pod improving how sales teams work?

  • Better visibility - No more jumping around 15 tabs to find the info you need. Information comes to you, all in one place.

  • Faster execution - Take notes, track tasks, and build success plans collaboratively faster than ever

  • Smarter decisionmaking - Make faster, smarter decisions in the day-to-day by leveraging Pod’s actionable insights, directly embedded throughout the workspace

Ultimately, we help to improve account executives’ quota attainment and conversation rates across the board.

Main Modules

If you want to deep dive into what functionalities our product offers

Configurable dashboard to review & update your Salesforce information

Timeline of all activities related to your opportunities

Your calendar, so you can see what’s on your plate for today

All your notes, templates, enablement documents, and more - in one place

Tracking of what you need to do & what others need to do for you

Actionable recommendations, nudges, analytics, and more

Your profile’s very own settings

Product demo video

On our roadmap

We have exciting new product features coming up on the roadmap. We are constantly listening to our users to understand what would help them, so keep your feedback coming 🤔. Send us a note at [email protected].

💡 Having issues? Contact us using the chat on the bottom right or send us an email at [email protected].

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