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7 Steps to set up your workspace 🚨
7 Steps to set up your workspace 🚨

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The first page you’ll access is Pod's Pipeline View. You can customize your environment to fit how YOU like to work.

Below are the first actions you should take when joining Pod

1. Customize your pipeline view

Create your first custom views to see YOUR data how you want to see it.

More details in Pipeline View article.

2. Open up our record side drawer

Dive deeper into any records to review all related fields, contacts, notes, and takes to review record-specific details.

3. Create a new record

You can create any record (opportunity, contact, account, lead) directly by clicking on the "+ Create" button at the top right of the application

4. Connect Calendar View & Sync a meeting to your Salesforce

In the navigation bar, click on the calendar icon to access your very own calendar view. Click on the pop-up window to connect your Google Suite account.

You can sync any meeting directly to Salesforce by selecting a calendar invite and typing in the opportunity you want to sync it to at the top of the side drawer.

More details in Calendar View article.

5. Access Deal Timeline

Dive deeper into a specific opportunity by clicking on the calendar icon next to the record of your down. You'll see all touchpoints for that deal, log new activities, access insights & alerts.

More details in the Deal Planning article.

6. Create your first notes document

Click on the Notes icon in the side navigation bar to access the notes summary page.

Click on "New" at the top right of the screen to spin up a new document. You'll be able to enter the notes-specific parameters and start using Pod's rich text editor.

More details in the Notes article

7. Create a new task

Open the task manager in the side navigation bar and add to your very own to-do list

More details in the Task Manager article.

There is so much more you can do with Pod

  • Visit our product Overview page for more details.

  • Ask one of our product specialists in the in-app chat

💡 Having issues? Contact us using the chat on the bottom right or send us an email at [email protected].

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